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Med School - Clinical Years Survival
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Welcome to the clinical survival guide!

Created for medical students who are entering, within, or exiting those exciting times know as the clinical years. We have heard the horror stories. The pimping. The sleep-deprivation. The out-to-get-you residents. Here, you share and receive advice on SOAP note presentations, how to make the best of the clerkship, the boards, places to do externships, the residency application process, heck, even how to decide on a residency.

This is a community for medical students and residents. Those thinking about medical school are welcome to join, but believe me, you have a lot more to worry about before you get here! Please comment on applying to medical school at another journal.

This is not a medical advice community either! If you are ill or concerned about your health--see a physician. We are all still *students* and very much in the learning process, and really, you don't want our advice.