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Tue, Jul. 7th, 2009, 06:08 pm
abadjoke: need help

hi every one:-),
now  iam at my third year at medical school which i enjoy very much, i recently applied to take the USMLE step one exam, which will be on the 2010 summer time, well, i really reeeeally need some advices about how to get ready for this exam, i wanna know how to avoid wasting my time on futile things during studing for this exam, can anyone help me ????? thanks in advance

Fri, Jul. 6th, 2007, 02:17 pm
transmorphed: MICU rotations

Hi everyone! I am scheduled to start an MICU rotation this month and looking for some nice, user-friendly pocket book (s) for that. Basically anything that will be a life-saver for me. I am an FMG so I don't really know the insider tips and tricks on MICU rotations here. I think every country has different choice of books and different evaluation systems. Thanks a ton!

Tue, Mar. 27th, 2007, 10:27 pm
psycho_warbaby: Calling all Writers....


Do you fancy yourself as a writer?
Do you think you know something about International and Developing World Health?

Here's your chance to get published!

Send us an article to put into the “topical topics” section of our Conference Book.

So far, our topics include things like…..
• Economics – free trade vs fair trade.
• Climate change and it’s effects on 3rd world health
• Role of local traditional medicines and public health
• Student Electives
• Water/sanitation
• Aid vs development
• Politics – governance, the efficacy of the UN, etc
• UN – overview and structure, how to organise an internship.
• International Law
• Medical Tourism, the ethics of electives – are you a burden or a help?
• Media influences on health
• Pharmaceutical companies

Don’t like writing Articles? How about filling out a Questionaire…

Have you recently completed an elective in a developing country? Let the medical students of Australia and New Zealand in on your experience!
Name (Optional):
Medical School:
Where Did you Go:
How long were you there:
Why did you choose that place:
Memorable Moments:
What do you wish you packed:
What did you wish you left at home:
Advice for others wanting to apply to your elective:
Anything else you’d like to add:
Please attach a photo if you have one:
Permission to use to you photo in this current DWC and future development workbook committees:

Answer as many questions as you want, in as much or as little detail as you want. And if you know anyone else around the county that has done an interesting elective let them know!

We at the conference book team will be accepting articles from anyone around the world but HURRY! Submissions close April 10th 2007!

Email dwc.conferencebook@gmail.com now!

And don’t forget Registration (for Australian and NZ medical students) opens March 28th 2007 at 11:59:01pm AEST!

Visit the amsa DWC2007 website for more information

P.S Sorry for posting again :S just thought I'd let people know!

Thu, Mar. 22nd, 2007, 10:43 am
psycho_warbaby: The AMSA Developing World Conference - Adelaide 2007!

A little Promo.
The AMSA Developing World Conference - Adelaide 2007

The 2007 AMSA Developing World Conference committee has some special news and updates we would like to share with everyone.
Firstly, we are very proud to announce that Dr Rowan Gillies, International President of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), will deliver a keynote address at the conference.
Secondly, we'd like to tell you that website has been extensively updated in the past week, and there are a lot of changes - Have a look at www.amsa.org.au/dwc2007. We have updates on the academic and social programmes, including the titles for some of our lectures and case reports. You can also download and watch the hilarious promo DVD.
And finally, Online Registration opens on March 28, and it will sell out. If you want to be first to receive updates and registration information, please join up to the mailing list (on the registration page), and you'll go in the draw to win a heap of free textbooks.
Please pass this email on to any of your friends that might be interested in coming.
Do you know the difference between Free Trade and Fair Trade?

Do you know what the Geneva Conventions are?

Do Pharmaceutical Companies make the world go round?

Is Something better than Nothing?

The Adelaide 2007 AMSA Developing World Conference:
June 28 - July 1

350 medical students.

World-renowned Keynote Speakers

Two massive Debates

Small group Case Discussions.

Workshops run by people on the ground, getting their hands dirty.

A Food Fiesta, A Formal Dinner , and a Buffet Brunch.

And a 160 page Conference Book to expand the experience.

Sign up for the mailing list,
See you there

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Tue, Dec. 19th, 2006, 06:25 pm
cutebutcomplex: (no subject)

Hello all of you!!:)

I thought I'd sent a little welcome note from germany to you! I am a medical student in the south of germany and currently in my 6th semester, which is equivalent to the 3rd year of Med school. Not quite sure, though.;)
I can only say, I really enjoy my course, although at times it's pretty rough. Right now I am going through a whole week of afternoon sessions of clinical chemistry. Tedious!!!:(
And I have my OSCE examinations in February. I don't know if people in the US have the same oral exams, but if you do, maybe you want to tell me a little how you prepared for it (please don't tell me that you started half a year earlier, because that would just crush me.;) ).

I am also trying to get a Clinical Clerkship for 2007, preferably in Boston, and am currently waiting for replies. Why is it so difficult to get in there????:(
Also, if anyone has any idea how I can enhance my chance of getting accepted, please tell me!!

If anyone is interested in the MEdical course in Germany, don't hesitate but write me! Always happy to help out!

Have a great day all of you!

Thu, May. 11th, 2006, 10:34 am
hotdoctors: MD TV Community!

I'm here to pimp the community md_tv.

Med students and whoever else are invited to come and comment on your favorite medical tv shows. House, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Scrubs, whatever... after you watch it, come talk about it. The non-medical are welcome, and a couple of them have already posted questions about the "reality" of the medicine on these shows.

It's fun so if you have enough time to watch TV you might as well turn it into a learning experience. It's not like you aren't on LJ anyway :)

Sat, Apr. 29th, 2006, 01:35 am
jedikissing: i have a very honest question

sorry, i'm not IN medical school. but i will be taking the MCATS next year in the spring. i'm just really worried that i won't get accepeted anywhere (i'd love to go to UIC med school in chicago), my gpa isn't great, it's just a 2.29 out of 4.00 yes, i have two more years to go, and i know i can bring it up, but i'm a spaz and am worried right off the bat. organic chem and calc II were what did me in for this low low gpa. some of you might be laughing, but honestly what is the lowest gpa anyone was admitted to med school with? i am just wondering if i even have a shot at ever becoming a doctor, i'd love to go into orthopedics or pediatrics... i am involved in school clubs, i know i have, i guess, the "personality" or at least being "well-rounded" and all that jazz. I am volunteering at Lutheran General next summer also. just don't got the grades right now :(
might be a shot in the dark, but i hope someone responds :)

if no one does, g'luck!

Fri, Feb. 24th, 2006, 07:48 pm
the_penumbra: Research Projects

Hi all!

I'm currently involved in a research project investigating the participation and attitudes of medical/dental students and professionals in research projects. This is being done by means of questionnaires. We would like more input from people from different countries, and I would be very grateful if you could help out! If anyone's interested in filling a questionnaire, please email me at there_once_was_light@yahoo.com (anonimity is guaranteed).

Thanks loads!


P.S. The questionnaire is very short; it will only take a few minutes :) Thanks again!

Tue, Jan. 24th, 2006, 04:46 pm
schrock: journalist needs interview tonight

hi all:

i need to do a short phone interview today with a med student who has studied cardiac auscultation and practiced it in a live patient setting. this is for an article i'm writing -- i'm a science journalism grad student at new york university. the article is for a class assignment but there is a good possibility it will be published eventually.

i will ask about the methods your profs used to teach auscultation, how you studied it outside of class, and how well your skills transferred from lecture to a live clinical setting. bonus if you've been tested on recognizing specific heart rhythms, e.g. the new section of the board recertification exam for internists. BIG bonus if you can find me someone who has had to take that exam since 2000 when they added that portion!

please comment or email schrocky24 @ yahoo.com if you're willing -- it'll take 10-15 minutes tops!

thank you!

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(i apologize if this post violates community rules -- please let me know and i won't do it again. but i probably won't do it again, anyway -- it's really a one-time thing.)

Tue, Nov. 29th, 2005, 07:36 am
piknik: conflicted

How the heck am I supposed to choose a specialty??
Do I use personal experience as my springboard?
Do I do what I'm good at (I don't think I'm good at anything) or what I like the most (and by the way, what do I like the most?)?

I originally came to med school to be a Forensic Pathologist, but I can't bear the thought of spending 5 years looking into a microscope just so I can do autopsies. I would still do this if I were single, but I'm now a wife and a mom (still sounds weird) and my career choice has to take them into account.
Then I thought since my boys were preemies and spent a month in the NICU, I would try Neonatology. Haven't ruled that out because I haven't done a rotation in it yet.
Now I'm thinking about Reproductive Endocrinology, again based on my personal experience. I can do that rotation with my own doctor, who is very successful at it and is a nice person and very professional. I could learn many things from him. I don't want the money thing to be part of that decision, but I have to say that it is enticing to think I could pay off my school loans pretty easily.

Question: What are you going into and why?

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