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Tue, Dec. 19th, 2006, 06:25 pm

Hello all of you!!:)

I thought I'd sent a little welcome note from germany to you! I am a medical student in the south of germany and currently in my 6th semester, which is equivalent to the 3rd year of Med school. Not quite sure, though.;)
I can only say, I really enjoy my course, although at times it's pretty rough. Right now I am going through a whole week of afternoon sessions of clinical chemistry. Tedious!!!:(
And I have my OSCE examinations in February. I don't know if people in the US have the same oral exams, but if you do, maybe you want to tell me a little how you prepared for it (please don't tell me that you started half a year earlier, because that would just crush me.;) ).

I am also trying to get a Clinical Clerkship for 2007, preferably in Boston, and am currently waiting for replies. Why is it so difficult to get in there????:(
Also, if anyone has any idea how I can enhance my chance of getting accepted, please tell me!!

If anyone is interested in the MEdical course in Germany, don't hesitate but write me! Always happy to help out!

Have a great day all of you!

Fri, May. 25th, 2007 02:22 pm (UTC)
ian_mcmorph: clinical clerkship

hast Du mittlerweile eine positive Antwort bekommen? Ich möchte nämlich Feb. 2008 nach Ft. Myers, Florida. Was hast du alles in die Bewerbung geschrieben, bzw. angefügt?
Wäre nett, wenn du mir kurz zurück schreiben könntest.